This Thursday, the postponed match of matchday 20 will be played. It's a very evenly contested match against Tavernes, who currently occupies the seventh position in the standings. The game starts with our team dominating, trying to build up play from the goalkeeper. It's during one of these build-ups when we lose possession and they counter, resulting in an early goal, making it 0-1 against us. The match continues, and it's not until the 29th minute when Serhiy equalizes, coming in from the left wing. In the next attack, Dani Lucas wins a penalty that Raúl attempts to convert, but the goalkeeper manages to save it. In the second half, we continue to attack and create chances, but they score again on another counter, making it 1-2. Our team reacts quickly, and this time Raúl manages to score, leveling the score again. Berni, who came on as a substitute at halftime, scores a bicycle kick after a rebound. Approaching the end of the match, and after several chances, Berni beats the defender on a counter and scores against the goalkeeper, making it a final score of 4-2.

Our next match will be on Sunday, April 7th, at Moi Gómez Stadium against Eldense "B", who have had a run of 2 defeats and 1 draw in their last three matches.