The legend of Guillermo Tell is reborn in Rojales

Last Sunday, a storm swept through the Moi Gómez de Rojales. CD Murada hit hard and endorsed a resounding defeat to CD Thader 3-7. One of the most bulky results of the season in Group VI of the Preferred Regional.

But Raúl Mora's team was able to get a positive note from the match. Another of the youths that is shining in the Promises of Rojales made his debut with Thader. In addition, the curious name of him adds crumb to the premiere.

Legend has it that William Tell was a mythical hero of Swiss independence in the 14th century. According to the fantastic tale, he was famous for his marksmanship and for having shot an apple at the head of his son with his crossbow, for saving his life.

Well, the history of Guillermo Tell has been reborn in the Vega Baja changing the goal for the ball. An attacker with good ball handling and one of the top scorers during the regular league with his team in the Second Youth Regional.